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UFO and Alien Encounters

Date of Report/Sightings: August 22, 2000
Location: California
Known Witness Accounts: Many (15 or more).
Event(s): Alien Abduction
Reported By:Joseph Held

Joseph Held's Stories:

1963 San Bernadino Calif.

I could only guess that it was approximately 2 a.m. I was awakened by noises that sound like shuffling, coming from the front room of our house. My brother John owned the bunk above me. I sat up, to see what the noise was. The first memory instantly after was seeing 2 huge eyes that looked almost lit up, or reflected. This strange, 3 1/2 foot creature moved awkwardly down the hall, almost as if it were bobbing from side to side, with large floppy looking feet, while I sat frozen in my bed watching it approach me. The next thing I remember I was laying flat on my back still frozen, with arms at my side, the creature looking over me. It then swatted me lightly on the side of my hip, tossed the covers over to my chest, put a long slender finger to its mouth, and said, "shhhhh". At that moment I was unfrozen, and pulled the covers over my head. I remained under the covers until the noises in the house left, and eventually fell asleep. My Mother and Father were in their room, one sister had a room, and other brother had his own room. I remember waking a few more times to the noises. Once I sat up just for a second, and saw the creature coming down the hall towards me again. This time I instantly flew under the covers and remained there, again until the noises subsided. The several other times I heard them in our house I laid perfectly still and pretended to be asleep. I remember getting up early the morning after the first encounter. I searched the house from one end to the other. My mother asked me what I was doing, and I replied, " I'm looking for the boogie man". My mother just smiled and continued with what ever it was she was doing. No one in my family remembers anything unusual at these times. And I have no idea what "they" were doing in our house. I hold that this account is true, and recollected to the best of my ability. I don't care what some might say about the mind of a young child. I did not imagine theses things, had a very good family life, and was very sharp and aware, more so in my first ten years of life, than I probably am now. One more weird story, then I'll get on to some UFO sighting.


1965 Oroville Calif. Christmas Eve

I remember my two big brothers teasing me all day on Christmas Eve of this year. By about 5 in the afternoon I was shot. Broken by all the tormenting that Santa Claus was not real. The big brats told me the whole truth, and I didn't want to buy it. My mom was the classic mom. Scolded my brothers into shame, and soothed away all my fears about Santa Claus. I knew in my heart that my brothers were right, but I was still a little kid, so I chose to believe, at least one more time. Well the rest of the night went smoothly and ma had us off to bed at about ten. John and I still shared a room, though the bunks were now separate beds. Brother Bob still lived at home as well as Sister Barb. After finally falling asleep, I was again awakened by the noises. Only this time it sounded just like a rubber kick ball was being bounced on a tile floor in the kitchen down the hall. Noises that just sounded like people shuffling around, loud enough to wake me up, yet no one else in the house. I sat up in my bed. This lasted about a fraction of a second, because standing at the foot of my bed, was a short, elf, or dwarf like little man, with a huge grin from ear to ear. Very rough looking, and very scary to a little kid. It looked like he was very happy to see me, but I was not happy at all about seeing him. I flew under the covers and remained there frozen in fear until the noises again went away after about 15 to 20 minutes. As soon as I felt it was safe, I peeked out from under the covers. Seeing that the coast was clear, I leaped from my bed and ran to John's. I shook the life into him and said, "John! John! Wake Up! I just saw an Elf!". This startled him, and after he saw how frightened I was, he was too. It wasn't until I was about 18 that he finally admitted how scared he really was. He KNEW I saw what I saw. We stayed up another hour or two playing war until we wore off the rush and went back to sleep. Christmas morning was great! Bicycles, toys, but no rubber kick ball.


1965 Fall Season. Mountain View Drive, Oroville Calif.

Our neighbor and friend Dusty comes running down at about 8 p.m. to tell us to hurry up and see the flying saucer. Me, my brothers, and half the neighborhood run up the hill to the Pauls house to view a glowing, sometimes orange, sometimes yellowish, sometimes white, saucer shaped object, hovering, moving up and down, sideways, very slowly in some nearby almond orchards. People viewing the object through binoculars observed that it was indeed of saucer shape. I don't recall how long we watched, but we, and others viewed the same object on several occasions. It looked as though it landed in the orchard at one or more times. No one ever had the guts to go and see. UFO was not a term we knew yet so we called it a flying saucer.


1965 Thermalito area of Oroville Calif

My future wife, her mother, and sister, live in a small house in this yet undeveloped area. On several occasions Noreen, my mother in law, was sitting up alone in her living room when strange lights illuminated the entire house. Noreen remembers seeing strange forms in the windows, and also spotting a triangular craft on several occasions hovering above the house. My wife Laurie remembers seeing a strange Elk like creature coming through a closed window. She to this day is very creeped out by the feeling she had in that house of little people. She never actually saw them, but always felt that they were around and under her bed. My wifes family relocated to Napa calif. and I didn't meet her until 1978 back in Oroville Ca.


1965 Oroville Dam Construction.

I remember throughout the building of the dam, many people in our area reporting that they had seen strange lights, or objects in the skies. The stories I recall included cigar shaped objects, metallic saucers, and triangular craft. Sighted by people both in day time, and night.


1966 Somewhere outside Little Rock Arkansas, abandoned airfield. 1:30 a.m.

My future Brother in law, Romie is parked, in the back seat of his hot rod GTO, making out with a girl. The car was lit up in orange light. As Romie sat up to see what it was, a large, silent, orange glowing, sphere of light, flew over his car and landed silently about 1200 ft. away. The next thing he remembers is burning rubber and hauling ass all the way home. He returned with 2 car loads of people, cousins, etc., at approximately 4:00 a.m. to investigate. No trace of the object was found.


1966-69 Oroville Ca.

My brother John and I were fascinated with the stars, and especially UFOs. We would camp out in our back yard almost every night of each summer and watch the skies. During this period, we saw many things.


Satellite like objects.

On several occasions we observed beginning usually about 1:00 a.m., a string of very high altitude satellite type objects moving in a triangular pattern from west to east at very high speeds. On many occasions these objects would travel across the sky at every hour. Usually they would be in numbers from 1 to 3, but on some occasions I recall seeing 5 traveling in a straight line formation.


Small Probe like saucer.

One summer day, while relieving myself in the bathroom, I saw something in the window out of the corner of my eye. When I looked, I nearly p*ssed on myself. I saw a very small, chrome silver, flying saucer, about 2ft in diameter. As soon as I turned to look at it, it streaked off at light speed. I thought I was really nuts for sure. I told no one. Then, the next day, John and I had walked outside to do something when we heard a crackling sound. There was the same object bouncing around the top of a power pole with blue arcing lighting bolts cracking between it and the wires. Just as we had a quick look at this, it streaked upward and out of sight in a blink of an eye. Now I knew I wasn't crazy since John and I both had seen it. We were speechless to say the least.


Big orange silent balls of light.

I don't recall this one, but brother John swears to it and wonders why I don't remember it. One night while camping in the back yard, a large orange ball of light flew silently, and directly over our heads. John said we could see it coming off in the distance, and as it got closer, he put me on his shoulders to watch as it slowly cruised over some nearby oak trees. The ball is almost exactly the same as the one Romie had seen. I've heard many more stories about people seeing this particular object.


1969 Chico Calif.

My sister, free lance journalist, and reporter for papers like the Sacramento Bee, and Chico Enterprise Record does story for the latter involving an ex air force Colonel, and pilot. In the story he claims that there is a cover up and that Extraterrestrial technology is involved. I have been after my sister for over a year to dig this out of her boxes. I'll keep at her.

1971 Oroville Ca. Summer, approx. 6:30 p.m.

My brother John, and mom, observe a silver, shiny, saucer shaped object hovering in a cloud formation. The craft sits motionless in mid air for about 20 minutes while the clouds move around it. It finally disappears into the clouds.


1972 Truckee Calif.

My 6th grade teacher Mr. Joe Stevers. Old school, very strict, WW2 Vet served in the European campaign. The class learned the trick, that if we could get Mr. Stevers to talk about his experiences during the war, we could get out of hours of class work at a time. One day in particular I will never forget his story. Joe and his buddies were on some kind of patrol in the woods of France somewhere. When rounding a nice pond that they spotted, they saw a silver saucer parked along one side of the pond. It sat on a tripod type landing gear, and according to Mr. Stevers, there were two strange little creatures moving about the outside of the craft, with little or no concern for the soldiers. Mr. Stevers and his buddies high tailed it back to their camp where they reported what they had seen. At this point in the story, and I'll never forget it, Mr. Stevers looked sternly and solidly at the class. He warned very seriously, if you ever see anything like this, don't tell anybody. You'll be visited by men in black suits who drive black cars. They look very strange, and act very strange. Just don't tell anybody! You don't want to run into the men in the black suits. This is the first time I had ever heard about the men in black. One wonders, at what point in our history did these men in black show up? If I could only go back and ask him some questions.

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