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The Betty and Barney Hill Story

Date: 19 September 1961.
Place: Concorde, New Hampshire.
Event(s): Alien Abduction, Lost Time, Beings, Sampling.

Their Story:

In September 1961, a couple, Betty and Barney Hill, were driving back through New Hampshire (from Canada) after a relaxing holiday. A big bright light overhead caught their attention. The light apparently and rapidly moving behind trees and mountains tops. They stopped to train a pair of binoculars on the odd object. It was not until they stopped the car that they were able to determine for sure that it was moving, and that the movement had not been the apparent motion given by the twists and turns in the road. And later the light streaked out of sight. With nothing more than a glimse of light, which could have been anything, the two shrugged off the incident and continued.

They'd gone only a short distance when the light returned (While Barney drove, Betty looked throught binoculars and saw what appeared to be an enormous craft with a double row of windows.), dogging their progress until they stopped. A circular craft hovered above them. Figures move behind blue-tinted windows. Intrigued, Barney left the car and moved closer (i.e., He left the car, crossed through a dark field and walked up to within 15+ metres of the object now hovering at treetop height), wary but unafraid (later he admitted that he was 'fully gripped with fear') Through binoculars, Barney looked at the object now so close to him and stated that he could see at least a dozen Beings looking back at him. He particularly remembered the eyes of the crew members which almost hypnotically gripped his attention - until wings abruptly snapped out to either side. Though nothing alarming appeared, no high-pitched humming threatened an imminent laser blast, Barney found himself, panic-stricken (he feared that they were about to be captured), racing back to the car almost before he was aware of moving. When he looked back, the craft was gone.

Though they wasted no time getting home, and their brief stops had taken only minutes, the Hills arrived two hours later than they should have.

Over the next few days, Betty's dreams were haunted by bizarre images of abduction scenes. Those two missing hours loomed larger. Finally, desperate and afraid, she sought out the assistance of a hypnotist to fill in the lost time, and took her husband with her.

The therapist the Hills eventually found was a believer in the value of regression hypnosis who quickly arranged for both separate and joint sessions. Dr. Benjamin Simon was the recorder of their incredible tales. Their matching stories revealed a dramatically different version of event than that accepted by their conscious memories.

The Hills did not stop their car on sighting the UFO the second time. The car stalled (probably stopped by UFO). The craft, which had hovered above them, settled to the ground and that is when aliens appeared. They eased the couple from their car, across the road, and up a ramp into the UFO.

Inside, they were separated and, were subjected to an unpleasant medical examination - "sampling". Before, they were permitted to leave, Betty Hill was shown a shimmering, three dimensional star map. At the aliens' urging, she studied it carefully and, under hypnosis, was later able to replicate it. The Hills were released shortly thereafter and Betty was already back in the car when Barney suddenly awoke and found himself running....

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