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Please keep in mind that none of these abduction cases were interviewed, nor authenticated by me. They are
simply a unique collection of some of the many abduction cases that can be found on the net and at many
other sites. Some cases may appear to be obvious fakes, while others.....well, you decide.

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58 common indicators of UFO encounters or abductions by alien beings:

By Melinda Leslie

1. Have had unexplainable missing or lost time of one hour or more.

2.Have been paralyzed in bed with a being in your room.

3.Have unusual scars or marks with no possible explanation on how you received them (small scoop indentation, straight line scar, triangular marks, scars in roof of mouth, in nose, behind or in ears, etc.)

4.Have seen balls oflight or flashes of light in your home or other locations.

5.Have a memory of flying through the air which could not be a dream, or many dreams involving flying.

6.Have a strong "marker memory" that will not go away (i.e.: an alien face, an examination, a needle, a table, a strange skinny baby, etc.)

7.Have seen beams of light outside your home, or come into your room through a window.

8.Have had many dreams of UFOs, beams of light, or alien beings.

9.Have had a shocking UFO sighting or multiple sightings in your life.

10.Have a cosmic awareness, an interest in ecology, environment, vegetarianism, or are very socially conscious.

11.Have a strong sense of having a mission or important task to perform, sometime, without knowing where this compulsion is coming from.

12.Have a secret feeling that you are "special" or "chosen," somehow.

13.Have had unexplainable events occur in your life, and felt strangely anxious afterwards.

14.Have had several strange psychic experiences - such as knowing that something is going to happen before it happens.

15.For women only: Have had false pregnancy or missing fetus. (pregnant, and then not)

16.Have awoken in another place than where you went to sleep, or don't remember ever going to sleep. (i.e. waking up with your head at the foot of your bed, or in your car)

17.Have had a dream of eyes such as animal eyes (like an owl or deer), or remember seeing an animal looking in at you. Also if you have a fear of eyes.

18.Have awoken in the middle of the night startled.

19.Have strong reaction to cover of Communion or pictures of aliens - either an aversion to or being drawn to.

20.Have inexplicably strong fears or phobias. (i.e. heights, snakes, spiders, large insects, certain sounds, bright lights, your personal security or being alone).

21.Have experienced self-esteem problem much of your life.

22.Have seen someone with you become paralyzed, motionless, or frozen in time, especially someone you sleep with.

23.Have a memory of having a special place with spiritual significance, when you were a youngster.

24.Have had someone in your life who claims to have witnessed a ship or alien near you or has witnessed you having been missing.

25.Have had, at any time, blood or strangel stain on sheet or pillow, with no explanation of how it got there.

26.Have an interest in the subject of UFO sightings or aliens, perhaps compelled to read about it a lot.

27.Have an extreme aversion towards the subject of UFO's or aliens - don't want to talk about it.

28.Have been suddenly compelled to drive or walk to an out of the way or unknown area.

29.Have the feeling of being watched much of the time, especially at night.

30.Have had dreams of passing through a closed window or solid wall.

31.Have seen a strange fog or haze that should not be there.

32.Have heard strange humming or pulsing sounds, and you could not identify the source.

33.Have had unusual nose bleeds at any time in your life. Or have awoken with a nose bleed.

34.Have awoken with soreness in your genitals which can not be explained.

35.Have had back or neck problems, T-3 vertebrae out often, or awoken with an unusual stiffness in any part of the body.

36.Have had chronic sinusitis or nasal problems.

37.Have had electronics around you go haywire or oddly malfunction with no explanation (such as street lights going out as you walk under them, TV's and radios affected as you move close, etc.).

38.Have seen a hooded figure in or near your home, especially next to your bed.

39.Have had frequent or sporadic ringing in your ears, especially in one ear.

40.Have an unusual fear of doctors or tend to avoid medical treatment.

41.Have insomnia or sleep disorders which are puzzling to you.

42.Have had dreams of doctors or medical procedures.

43.Have frequent or sporadic headaches, especially in the sinus, behind one eye, or in one ear.

44.Have the feeling that you are going crazy for even thinking about these sorts of things.

45.Have had paranormal or psychic experiences, including intuition.

46.Have been prone to compulsive or addictive behavior.

47.Have channeled telepathic messages from extraterrestrials.

48.Have simply heard an external voice in your head, speaking to you, perhaps instructing or guiding you.

49.Have been afraid of your closet, now or as a child.

50.Have had sexual or relationship problems (such as an odd "feeling" that you must not become involved in a relationship because it would interfere with "something.")

51.Have to sleep against the wall or must sleep with your bed against a wall.

52.Have a fear that you must be very vigilant or you will be taken away by "someone."

53.Have a difficult time trusting other people, especially authority figures.

54.Have had dreams of destruction or catastrophe.

55.Have the feeling that you are not supposed to talk about these things, or that you should not talk about them.

56.Have experienced many things in this list, and recall your children or parents speaking of similar experiences on occasion.

57.Have tried to resolve these types of problems with little or no success.

58.Have many of these traits but can't remember anything about an abduction or alien encounter.


Karla Turner's 10 Facts in Respect to Alien Abductions

1. We don't know with any certainty exactly what these entities may be; they may be extraterrestrial, inter-dimensional, earthly or some combination of the above.

2. At least some of the aliens lie. [Predictions, warnings, promises, and contradictions.]

3. During encounters, the human's perceptions are controlled as are the conscious memories of the encounters.

4. False memories can overlay and disguise the actual events of an encounter.

5. Abductees report alien controlled information to the research community. While reporting their experiences honestly and sincerely, abductees are really reporting alien-controlled data.

6. There is a serious element of human involvement in the abduction phenomenon, in addition to the very real alien participation. Many abductees are monitored and harassed by human agents of some sort and the cases involving phone and mail interference, helicopter surveillance are only part of the story.

7. The abduction agenda involves quite physical aims and procedures that belie the idea of a primary spiritual motivation on the aliens part, as well as refuting the notion that all they're doing in their agenda is crossbreeding. There are physical procedures and aims that have nothing to do with reproduction. These include: various types of implants in parts of the body; insertion of wires and tubes into the chest, kidneys wrist and knees; brain operations, deliberate pain experiments (ouch!); abductees immersed in water, forced ingestion eating or drinking of unknown fluids, cloning of humans

8. The agenda involves long-term mental and psychological programming of the abductee, it targets among other concepts: our social and personal relationships, our sexuality, our political ideas, and our religious and spiritual concerns. These are targets of programming that begin in almost every instance, with the abductee in early childhood.

9. Aliens through technology create virtual reality scenarios that are absolutely real to the perceptions of the targeted person. All five senses are involved.

10. The aliens show an extraordinary interest in human souls and in using those souls.

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